Of Boxes and Shapes.

If you got your first computer somewhere between 1999-2002, you’d recollect a box-like screen saver which changed shapes.

It was a perfectly medium-sized, multi-coloured cube. Its edges faded to softness only to spin around and become clearly defined again. The cube bounced off from one end of the screen to the other, twirling like a dancer whose costume was unravelling to reveal a different costume underneath.

Now imagine this screen saver as somebody’s personality. Transient. Soft one moment, hard the next. No, there is no innuendo here.

There is so much shape-shifting, personality-shifting rather, that one forgets what the box originally was.

At one time the cube becomes a circle; forgetting what its soul looked like while changing shape.

But somewhere deep down it always remains what it was. Hidden not forgotten.


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