Your words escape from the shackles your mind created.The mind just wants to protect you, it has itself on the look out for potential shrapnel that could come hurtling at the speed of sigh.

Or was it the heart?
The heart locks itself inside seemingly impenetrable walls made of bitter emotions; sweetness and innocence are lie bound within.

But those two manage to escape.

How they escape, look. Not once do they turn back to see how the heart and mind despair at their unbridled movement. They call out, ” Come back, you shall be wounded by the world again. Please, oh please, come back.” They do not.

Out in the world after so long, they sniff out hope and faith. Old friends, forbidden not forgotten. The bonds of hope and faith, once formed, are stronger than the shackles devised by the head and the heart.

Hope blinds you like the sun. The golden rays enlighten everything they touch, innocence is unaware of the blindness it causes when one looks at the rays directly.
Faith deafens you like the wind. A breeze when slow, a typhoon having gathered momentum around the vacuum of your despair. Innocence tries to clutch at it, only to find the destruction faith left in its wake.

Thus blind and deaf, the two move forward boldly. Their steps falter in the beginning, long confinement does that to us all. They recover their former vitality. The sun and wind make them bloom.

The path is the same.
The path had splinters, it still does.
Oh sweet innocence, the shackles were to protect not bind,
Oh sweet innocence, you now lay bleeding again.
The delights fade away soon, the wounds do not,
Oh sweet innocence, the shackles you broke and for what?


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