To Pressing!

I forgot my blog’s birthday.

I barely post now.

Comments are waiting to be seen and replied to.

Not a good thing, is it?

Well, the journalism course is consuming all my time. It is like a newly born child who wakes up at one am in the night, wailing and shrieking.The mother doesn’t mind tending to her baby’s needs. Well, maybe sometime she does, but mostly it’s love driven. The same is with me.

I love this course. The people who guide us are amazing.

I write a lot, assignments, reports, headlines and whatnots. I have stopped writing here. Sheer laziness and a bad internet condition.

To all the good readers who have commented on my posts, thank you. I apologise for my absence, shall try to be a better writer and host.

To the same people I’d like to say, thank you.





4 thoughts on “To Pressing!

  1. Hey, keep this in mind. After you’re a bonafide journalist, it’s not going to get any easier! It’s only going to get tougher from here as far as having free time. Word of advice: make that extra time so you can document your journalistic journey! You’re too good of a writer to NOT.

    I’ve always thought you were a talented writer. I get so tired of reading fluffed up words that people use to cushion the truth. Your gift is that you use thumbtacks rather than feathers. ;0) And that really is a gift. It separates you from your peers. So, this is another reason why I encourage you to keep committed to writing your blog. It’s your free speech- and it will allow you to sharpen your TRUE talent, which is- free speech. I wish you all the best in your course. ;0)

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