My journalism course started on 22nd July.

Three weeks and I think I am in love.

Every minute of every day is spent soaking in the knowledge that flows free from people who are the embodiment of amazing.

There is fun even in being dead tired.

There is fun in doing what you want.

Go, have fun.

P.S: I’ll be posting my assignments here for public decimation and review. Soon.

How have you all been?


5 thoughts on “Journalism.

  1. A journalism course sounds like a lot of fun =) I bet you’re going to get lots of inspiration! I’m looking forward to read your assignments, too! I’ve been well. My blog turned 1 the other day!! It’s crazy how fast time goes by. I’m so happy to see you in my reader!!


  2. Are you SERIOUS?! You really went and took the plunge, didn’t you? Wow. I’m so impressed. :0) If anybody was ever made for journalism, it’s you. Well, you’re already a journalist (and a story teller) and have been for years, but now (soon) you’ll have the title and paycheck to accompany you. Good for you! So excited for you, Shreya!


  3. Ohh wow…I want to pursue journalism in future too. For now I m a law student. But it’s so good to see a super happy and satisfied journalism student. You go girl !


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