Blue is colour so misunderstood and misrepresented.  It is a happy colour.

Monday blues.

Birthday blues.

Morning blues.

Why not use black instead? It already represents mourning and death, might as well take on the job of championing random bouts of sadness.

There are so many topics I could be blogging about, damn.


Also, is going from a birthday zealot to someone who feels “blue” at the prospect of one called growing up?






One thought on “Blues.

  1. Cute pic. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being blue! It has its own charm sort of, don’t you think? Speaking of which, how are the career prospects looking? Any new ideas on which ways you want to go in? (I’ve temporarily taken a leave of my mental faculties and have decided that (for now) I want to become a 3rd grade teacher. I’ve already written a children’s book, have raised and home-schooled two kids, and so have SOME experience in the area. Plus, it offer a $50,000 per year starting salary. Nothing to sneeze at!)


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