He taught me how to read people’s eyes,

to look deep into their souls

to look beyond the surface of their smiles,

to reach in and see that levels existed

in people’s minds.

He taught me that thoughts and actions

were seldom the same.

What appears and what is perceived

are different; what a shame

that we don’t see this.

He said that neither words

nor actions reveal ; a man’s

silence shows strength when spurred.

He taught me well,

he taught me all.

He told me secrets of life that

 lay in the banalities of each day

He said answers lay within,

all we needed was to think; not sway.

He gave me thought.

He’s left the world now,

left me wiser and alone.

I smile when people see me

oblivious that my eyes are forlorn

filled with unshed tears.

For people don’t read people’s eyes

and if they did, they’d see

that truth seldom lies and seldom is

what people want you to believe.

If only people read eyes.





17 thoughts on “Eyes.

  1. The rhythm, supported by the formatting, really works in this piece. You convey a depth of feeling and sadness which I’m sure show in the eyes, if only (as you say) people would pay attention.


  2. There’s great wisdom in this wonderful poem. I like the graphic nature of it, alternating to one side then the other. It gives the piece texture. You made me feel for the protagonist by the end.


  3. I love how you draw the eyes back and forth within the structure of your work- like we’re reading our own eyes, so conscious of the movement in a way we aren’t usually.


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