How Much Is Too Much?

The need for social acceptance and inclusion has risen, hasn’t it?

Everybody wants to “fit in” at some level or another. Everybody wants to be someone’s “somebody”.

When do you click on that ‘Like’ button on Facebook? More importantly, why do you click on it?

Most of us do us do it to show appreciation or acknowledgement. A like is casual, the internet equivalent of a random smile or a “hey!” or sometimes just that; a like. But what happens when you ‘like’ everything that anyone on your Facebook friend list does?

“I graduated today!”


“I ate an ice-cream with z, y, and p.”


“Why the hell are you liking everything dude?”

LIKE and comment.

Do you go about saying a “hey” to everyone you meet throughout the day? Dear god, I hope not.

The person I am referring to does not just like everything you do, he also messages and texts you a “hello” everyday.

“But aww, that’s sweet. You can always reply. Y U BE SO RUDE?”

I know him enough to accept his request but I don’t know him well enough to chat every single day. He does this with everybody. This is why I asked him, out of genuine curiosity,  why he did this! When did “normal conversation” become borderline stalker like? And no, it’s not my friendship that is being craved exclusively. These messages are spread like the plague to all and sundry.

Why do people crave conversations so much that they forgo their respect in the process? Making a new friend is one thing, forcing your friendship like telemarketers selling their plans and ideas is completely different. I am fairly certain this behaviour is not governed by depression because the individual has a good social life with caring friends and what seems to be the perfect family. It is not just this person, there are many more such people. You do not reply to their messages for over an year and yet they do not stop. They constantly message, try to grab your attention and you politely tell them to leave you. That is when they become annoying fleas who enter your car somehow but simply do not leave even when you open the damn doors.

Take a hint?


Take a clue?


Well, hey there, I solved it for you.

Still no.

Now the profile of this person is deactivated by Facebook because of too much activity and liking. Even Facebook has limits!

To quote a like-minded and amazing amigo, “The man who fell sick after drinking too much water. The man who left Facebook because he liked too much.”



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