Over And Done With.

Yesterday I gave my last ever engineering exam.

Today it rained.

I shall say it is a symbol from the heavens even if there is none.

Four years of life and the only thing to show for it is a degree and hopefully a lot of experience.

The only four things I learnt in these years (apart from ridiculously difficult and useless formulae) are:

1. Being a girl is mostly an advantage. The powers of charm and a beaming smile can be seconded only to those held by Obama.

2. Do not waste time in trying to become friends with people you look down upon. Stay aloof, make fun of them with those real friends. Pretending to like someone for the sake of friendship requires too much energy.

3. If you are a person caught between extro-intro personality limbo, find someone who understands that. At the end of the day the only things you want are a cosy bed, an AC, water and a person you don’t have to explain every little thought that runs in your head or the hidden Morse code meaning in random words you said.

4. Enjoy your own company. If you do not have the ability of eating a meal alone while passing judgements at others sitting in the restaurant; you’re going to have a tough time.


College, you shall not be missed.




7 thoughts on “Over And Done With.

  1. I think congratulations are in order! Way to gooooo, Shrey…….!! You and I have both been living in academic hell for years now. I’ll be working on my double B.S. (as if one round of BS isn’t enough ;0) in Criminal Justice and Psychology beginning in August. From there, most likely a Master’s in Psychology (child or Forensic) and perhaps ultimately, a doctorate.

    Are you not considering pursuing your M.A. or M.S.? Still, a very big congratz to you. 😉


    1. Yes yes YES!
      Thank you B. 🙂

      I am going for my PG in Journalism after this and pursue writing in earnest. How are your studies going? Still raking in them A’s and that perfect GPA?


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