Sometimes, you meet someone but you don’t “meet” them. And then slowly, they fade away from your consciousness but are forever on the periphery, thanks to social media. You are aware of their presence, probably feel a potential pull but are too lazy to act upon it because life is a mess and there is no time and there is just too much going on.

You know them but you don’t “know” them.

And then fate stops being a bitch and nudges you both to talk. Somehow.

And then, sometimes, a precious few times in life, the only background sound that can be heard in the inter-galactic room of fate is “CLICK”.

With a few people the click is never achieved. Its like fitting your foot in a shoe size smaller, it fits but does it? Then there are those clicks like that of a camera flash; one can only put the best face forward with a smile more plastic than that polythene bag that has been banned. Other clicks are akin to putting a small key inside a big lock. The gears grind, faintly clicking with the force you exert. Either the key breaks or it gets stuck in that giant lock hole until you again apply force to break it free.

But the best ones are the like the click of an old computer mouse with the smooth ball enclosed in that underside belly. Each press of the finger is rewarded with a satisfying click. Be it a left or a right. You may want to add a typewriter but those get stuck too.

It is this clicking that makes your eyes pop and brain stop, wondering why couldn’t you have seen this earlier? Myopic vision afflicts the brain as well the eyes unfortunately. These perfect clicks make one stop and re-evaluate all the others. Are the force and the plastic smiles and the one which doesn’t even sound right worth it? Maybe not.


Dat mouse. Dat click.
Dat mouse. Dat click.


P.S:  This.

The Internet never ceases to be literal.
The Internet never ceases to be literal.

3 thoughts on “Click.

  1. Such click. Much like. Wow.

    And yes, those mice were the best! Immensely satisfying — from the click to the ball; the very movement of those mice.

    I wonder why we ever moved to those red light leaking optical mice…when the other ones were…clicking so well.


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