Cells For Life.

1838 : Cell is the fundamental unit of life.

2014: Cell is THE fundamental unit for a life.


Cannot live with them, cannot live without them.

I am sure most of you are reading this on your swanky and expensive cell phone. What if it broke? And what if it broke in a way that would make your eyes cringe and your soul shiver?

What if it came under the humongous and unforgiving tires of a red DTC bus? Ouch.

Cringe worthy, right?

Well, I was the proud owner of a  HTC One X. It was a good piece of machinery with an unparalleled screen and a ridiculously good-looking body. This phone came under the bus and that was the end of it.

Thud. Squeal. Crunch. Crunch. Dead.


Destroyed In Seconds
Destroyed In Seconds


What followed was a seventeen day long forced detox from the addiction that is a smartphone.  Apparently it’s a major things as WikiHow has a step-by-step guide to cope with the PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) associated with the sudden death of your smart phone.

The phone died on April 11. What followed was a feeling of sadness and lying on my bed howling. Once that stopped, I started using this cute, useless phone from a company named BQ; where BQ stands for Best Quality.  The micro-SIM was tucked away in a safe place with hopes of using it again soon. The next came the calls of sympathy and mourning. These admittedly left me feeling happier. We usually end up chatting with friends, rarely ever hearing their voices on a call.

Also, calls end faster. Chats go ON forever.

I started using Facebook chat on my laptop for contacting my close friends. Emails became more frequent and YouTube videos were played on a bigger screen. I watched Grey’s Anatomy, read a new book and was coping well enough.

But that’s about it.

I did not become more productive. I most certainly didn’t “appreciate the beauty of nature”. Nor did I connect with my friends and family as all I could do was bemoan the loss of my phone. And all they did was make fun of my loss.

Nothing amazing happened.

My parents assigned me a budget. A measly budget for my rather expensive taste in phones. I spent hours and days relentlessly on eBay and other such sites looking for that one deal that would solve all my problems. Time was also wasted searching for the “best” budget smartphone available in the market.  Specs were compared, reviews were read and prices monitored with  hawk eyes. Hawk eyes filled with hunger and desperation. This process lasted 15 days.

I had become a phone-less fanatic.

I finally settled on the Lenovo S820. This was a compromise. The father and I were to buy it in the evening. I tried smiling. I tried being upbeat. I also tried the “be mature, you don’t deserve even this” attitude. I couldn’t order it. Nope.

I stalled the purchase yet again. I hemmed and hawed, looked for pre-owned phones and pledged to buy nothing less than the one who had died. I owed myself that. My love for HTC One X was true. I couldn’t go for a rebound now. I needed my knight in Android armour with a beautiful body and a big screen. I prayed for a miracle. I could not settle. I deserved better.


On the  evening of April 28th, my parents gifted me a Nexus 5.

I jumped around. Danced around. Screamed.Thanked profusely. Kissed them. Got addicted again.

I had a cell, I had life.

I have Google Nexus 5.

Oh yeah.


P.S: You don’t really get time on your hands after losing a phone. You simply spend that free time trying to get a new one.



6 thoughts on “Cells For Life.

  1. The other day my son asked, “Mom do you think you could go a day without your thumb?” And I replied, “Why, because I text so much?” And he said, “Noooo. A day without your PHONE.”

    And I really had to think about that one.


  2. I understand how you feel when you lost your phone. I similarly lost mine during my birthday.
    My Samsung galaxy s epic 4G drowned in a gutter.
    It took to shake the depression till dad bought me galaxy S2


  3. Well, the pain of losing a cell phone isn’t something to scoff it. Chacun sent le mieux oil le soulier le blesse. 😉

    But hey, you got a Nexus 5 out of the bargain. Happy for ya. And a mite envious.

    So yes, I’d write a longer congratulatory note on the hot new purchase, but I kind of need to plot my own little incident. I’m aiming for an S5 here; wish me luck.


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