The Cord.


” Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold,

the more she tried to free, the more it controlled.

The cord was cut, brutal and cold,

winter still seemed reluctant to release it hold.”


Funny isn’t it?

Random poetry scrawled across the photo of a fetus, buried inside a musty old book made her cry. Had it been read by you or I, we’d have brushed it aside , turned over to the next page and that would have been the end of it. Not for her.

Perception and memories released because of a change in it are uncontrollable and irrational to say the least. She remembered him; he who had so callously tossed aside her love in a moment of rage, he who had ripped out her heart and left the cords bleeding profusely in intense pain. Blood can be stopped, death brings an end but emotional pain is infinite and endless.

She knew it would heal, that in some time what felt like the stab of a sharp knife would subside into the dull throb of acceptance; she would recover. She knew. Doesn’t make the recovery any less of an ordeal now, does it? Being cast away like a pariah, receiving hate so intensely vitriolic and accepting it not in submission but shock.

He said he was hurt by her actions, so he went ahead and killed her from inside. He demanded explanations to make himself feel better. Now tell me, how do you ask for breath from someone dead? For when he did it, it was a mistake but it became a sin for she.He blamed her for having breached the moral line of conduct; lines that were imaginary when applied to him but were fences when drawn for her.

Lines can join you; lines divide you.

She sat there with that musty book held limply in her hands. It was summer outside, yet winter held her heart. For it was winter when she met him and the dots that they were had been joined only to be wiped down within the millionth of a second.

She shut it and got up. Her thoughts broken with the stir of physical movement. There would be no more thoughts; only healing.

It was time to forgive if not forget. It was time to let live if not live. It was time to start  perceiving the sun as warmth and change.

It was time for summer.

The cord was cut.




7 thoughts on “The Cord.

  1. So much pain and heartache in these words, Shreya. I agree with Janna – the double-standard and making the blame fit, no matter how unfair or untrue. You’ve really captured the brutality of how some relationships end. Well done! 🙂


  2. If the people in your life don’t value you, then maybe its time to add new people in your life to know how valuable you truly are. Cutting the cord might have been the correct/incorrect decision, but the point is it did happen. Troubled times sometimes lead people to do things they could have never imagined to do. In an odd way, the worst does bring out the best in a lot of people.


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