Cuss In The Times Of Culture-la.

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A woman should be the embodiment of genteel-ness, a sculpture of sophistication wrapped in many layers of elegance while radiating beauty like the UV rays of the sun.

I call BS.

So, I am reasonably good-looking, have my manners intact and my elders are generally satisfied with the way I fool them with my charm. I am out going when I feel like and timid and shy , again, when I feel like. Also, I cuss. Now while I am aware that it ain’t pretty but does that make me wrong? Does it give people, more importantly men, the right to pass high-handed judgments about me based on this one display or lack of display of acceptable behavior?

If a girl chooses to use certain colorful words as a part of her expressions, what part of her behavior suggests that she is “open” or “loose”?  How does a girl’s diction choices affect the way you speak to one? The hypocrisy of it all amazes me. Mind you, I do not support the usage of foul language any and everywhere.

Yes, this post is a rant based on true life events where I was told that maybe my “comfort” in using cuss words open gateways for men to use them on me. Seriously?


An F word here, an F word there does not make a woman any less socially or morally aware.


10 thoughts on “Cuss In The Times Of Culture-la.

  1. Nice argument you have there. It is like guys use the hell out of the word, girls do it, but when the teacher catches she daunts the girl more with words like “You are girl so show more mannerisms”.
    It is really frustrating.


    1. My argument is how can one assume that a woman is being “open” and “cozy” with you just because she uses a particular vernacular.
      Simple as that.
      Thanks for reading!


      1. Yeah I know, I was kinda expressing my own frustration.
        Some guys claim that women are unpredictable when she uses a vernacular but they never give a proper explanation.


  2. There’ll always be a double standard, don’t you think? If a man cries, he’s considered “brave” and “in touch with his feelings”. If a woman cries, she’s emotionally unstable. If a woman is found in a strip joint, she’s either labeled a whore or a lesbian. If a man is found there, he’s a “gentleman”, because well…it’s a “gentleman’s” club. If a man speaks his mind, he’s “well-spoken”, educated- strong. If a woman speaks hers, she’s a bitch.

    Yes, double standard, always!

    Good seeing you. ;0)


    1. Absolutely correct. I say, keep the double standards, that will never change partly because women uphold them too. What I have a problem with is how can you assume that a woman is letting you in her inner circle just because she behaves in a particular manner?
      Also, in my case this guy used quite the offensive on me during a normal chat for no reason. When I told him to watch his language he questions me on why I have a problem . Well hello! I never used it for personal attacks mister!

      Good seeing you too!


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