Rocket To The Moon .


Funny little decisions aren’t they? That moment of trepidation, the anticipation of what decision to take, damn the the brain.

Have I taken any risks?

I have risked my neck and eaten all of the chocolate the parents bought for my cousin. I have risked being caught reading novels while I should have been studying. I have risked my heart falling for a guy whom people considered to be bad. I have risked buying a ridiculously expensive top in the hope I will someday fit into it. 

That’s all, you may ask. I don’t think I view big decision as a “risk”. You either do what you want or stay there letting the world choose for you. Maybe my taking up journalism is a risk? My parents feel so, I don’t. Its what I want, its what I feel is right for me. How could it be a risk?

All these metaphors to define “the jump”, “the leap of faith”, “you got balls!” etc, they’re just beautifully lyrical expressions to say that you finally did what you wanted. Yes, the heart does palpitate faster while doing these but then that’s exactly what the heart is there for isn’t it?





23 thoughts on “Rocket To The Moon .

  1. Carpe! If you listen to the naysayers, you will always wonder, always regret, always question… it is a slippery slope. You MUST follow your dreams, until you are sure they will come true, or that you need to let them go. Do not let others tell you these things. Carpe!


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