What is it with women?

Today is the day of balloons, cards, glitter, roses and that thing called “love”.

That’s nice.

Love is in the air. Love is SO much in the air that it threatens to nauseate and suffocate people with its one day niceness. I am not anti-love here.  I love being in love and being loved as much as you or maybe her or maybe even him.  Today, I just want to know , what is it with us women?

I was at a local coffee shop, sitting alone waiting for my “well-not-on-time” and reading a book; minding my business while judging the cheesy couples sitting around me on couches. It’s like watching pigeons. From far away, they look beautiful. Once they start making out on your window sill, all you want to do is crap on them. Anyhow.

While I was trying to effortlessly look busy, I saw two girls of my age working on this huge monstrosity of a card. Hearts, photos, sparkly glittery love card. They were religiously decorating it for some “lucky guy”. Completely engrossed, oblivious to the snickers and superior glances from the other people (myself included). It was both happy and sad.

One never sees men doing these things. No two “dudes” will ever be found decorating a pretty little card for any girl. You won’t find them fawning over someone else’s masterpiece, nor will you see them spending hours simply discussing a stupid gift. Then why do women waste so much time?

Even I plead guilty on this account. Many a night has been spent writing a poem and then decorating it till it looks worthy enough for public display. But the thing with me is I take not more than ten minutes. My brand of romance is both speedy and efficient. What bothered me today was the seriousness of effort, the amount of hard-work, the labour and the dedication that was being wasted on a card for this one day. Sure she loves him. I hope he loves her too. Does that justify all of this?

Seeing those two friends was like a mental slap.
Sure, indulge each other, be all gooey and mushy but for heaven’s sake don’t waste your goddamn time. At least don’t drag your single friend along. Do it at home. Meet him and spend more time together than on making cards. There are so many great ideas out there on the inter-web that requires neither money nor hours of your precious time.

If only women spent that much time on themselves rather than  making their “men” feel special via these methods.

Be romantic, avoid stupid.


15 thoughts on “What is it with women?

  1. I’ll tell you what our (their) problems are. From childhood, we’re trained to play with dolls and are told stories by older females that we trust- stories about “Prince Charming” and then we’re given plastic babies to feed, clothe, and sing to. It’s social programming! I tell you, a man must have thought of all of this.

    Men, on the other hand, are given trucks and fire engines and army men and are taught how to be leaders and “save people”, etc. We women learn how to be the “helpless damsels” that need the saving. So, when these two well-trained roles grow up and “meet”, the female is more than ready (and willing) to become the sister, mother, aunt, BFF, “caretaker” and the male is ready to do the saving and “call the shots”. He’s spent his childhood learning how to “quickly come to action”, playing the hero! He hasn’t time for all of the nurturing that is instilled into females.

    Think about it. ;0)

    But I’m right there with you. I was too poor to have plastic dolls, etc. I played with my brother’s little green army men…haha. Maybe that’s why I’m like I am! But thankfully so.


    1. That was deeply insightful!
      I am not deriding what females do, my one point is why do it so much?!
      How have you been? And by the way, my guy had planned an elaborate hoax to surprise me on V Day. The whole hoopla I created , was just that. Hoopla. 😀
      You threw your out? You are one brave woman and I absolutely LOVE you for it. How are you doing?



      1. Yeah, I “took out the trash”. ;0) (Hey,guys talk about us gals like that all the time- that can go both ways!) Things have been sooooo much better since I threw him out though, seriously. I had convinced myself that I would absolutely crumble without him, so, I had to prove myself wrong. I didn’t know how strong I was until after I made him leave and refused to talk to him further. But, it gave me a very strong stand and confirmed that I truly don’t “need” a man to know who I am, or to validate me. I think sometimes we get in that rut as women, you know? We become accustomed to receiving validity or confirmation that we’re pretty, smart, funny (etc.) from a guy, and when we don’t have that feedback from a guyfriend/husband, etc. we begin to question if we are those things or not.

        So it’s been an interesting journey discovering that I don’t need a guy (OR his feedback) to believe that I am what or who I am. This is why I think it’s important to go through periods purposefully withOUT a boyfriend. It strengthens us to be alone, and, we’re able to give ourselves love and respect that a man will not. After we’re “healthy” again, then we can get back into the ring with a good sense of who we are in the next relationship.

        I sound like a frikking relationship counselour….ha. Can you tell I’ve had 4 solid years of psychology now?!



      1. Like leaking of acetyl amide had that could Put one in coma or the radioactive iodine leakage.
        You know stuffs like that. Plus human experiments will take a lot of turns to accomplish. I am sure we could find out what is wrong with those women like that. 🙂


      2. WHAT?
        I have not implied that we women have some investigative problems in our brain. I mean it purely on societal and psychological basis.


  2. Honestly, you’d be surprised to know the extent some men go to, to please their momentary princesses, and probably feel stupid after it’s all over…, so yes, it’s both ways.


  3. I would be the girl’s friend helping her out. Guilty!! LOL.
    I think some people like myself think of Valentine’s Day like a holiday and like to celebrate it as such. It’s a day when you can be really cheesy and waste your time decorating a giant card with glitter and stickers. Maybe it’s a girly thing or maybe it’s another excuse to work with glitter as an adult? I know my husband doesn’t care much for V-day as he believes love should be expressed everyday, and I understand that. I think it’s just another holiday that we get to celebrate and I’m all about celebrating =)


  4. Complete Hocus pokus. as the guy up there says we spend a lot of time thinking about gifts and even more on what will be most appreciated (and cheap). Girls making cards etc. for a guy sounds okay…(though ahem other more ahhh personal form of gifting is always preferred over cards)
    WHAT really IS a waste of time is girls spending loads of time gifting other GIRLS cards etc… they are really never That much appreciated and it inevitably turns into a competition of whos the better giffter etc etc. them Double XXs make you a mean bunch.(i mean the chromosome.really.)


    1. Girls gifting girls was not really my point. And honestly, I have not come across any women having to waste time finding gifts for another; its very easy for us. Thanks for reading and offering your opinions.


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