8 Mbps WiFi. Coffee machine on floor that surprisingly spews out a drinkable cup.

One can hear the clickity clacking of the keyboards. I am surrounded by busy professional looking people. Today I heard amazing music courtesy my new friends here. Good looking men always are a welcome addition to one’s stagnant social pool of acquaintances. The women folk will understand.

Conversation like coffee and WiFi is free flowing here. I don’t have much work. I am munching in vanilla flavored wafers as I type this out.

Having not written for quite some time, the words don’t seem to flow fluidly. I am halting. Pausing. Or maybe its just the headache induced from over-eating and lower thinking.

I honestly have NOTHING to write on. As long as my laptop is shut and the thoughts of actual posts far away from consciousness ; ideas burst forth like crackers on New Years. Now sitting here typing, I got squat.



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