When Evil Strikes Too Close.

I live in a Defense Cantonment area.  I never knew this place too was defenseless against evil. Why and how you say?

Across my house a one year old baby girl got violently raped.

One year old.

The police came, inquiries were made and the next day the culprit was caught. The baby died in the hospital.

One year old.

She was the daughter of the officer’s domestic help. The mother of the victim was working inside when the officer’s personal male helper sneaked to their house and brutally raped the sleeping child. Forty minutes later the mother returned to her house and found her child wailing and bleeding. She went to her employer, seeking help and got nothing. Desperate, she asked her neighbors for help who then took the child to a nearby hospital.

One reads cases of rape too often these days. Sitting at home, reading the newspaper does evoke some amount of sympathy and bedroom outrage but that is all. Realistically speaking what can one really do? This time things were not that easy. It was right across my street, in my block, in front of me. The shock was too close to home. The evil was too close.

Disgust is too mild a word to express what I had felt on hearing the news. The officer’s wife can at best be described as a sorry excuse for a woman. On returning from the hospital the parents of the deceased baby were cruelly evicted from their quarters. It was unreal. The support and love they received from others restored my faith in general humanity.

What chance does a baby girl have against a sick minded man? None. Was she provocative? Did she seduce? She did nothing other than being born a girl. I have always dreamed of having a girl when I have children. Now, I am not so sure. How does one ensure the safety of a baby girl at all times from everybody? The bus conductor at school, the driver, the domestic help, the doctor, the priest, the cousins, the friends;  a girl is safe from no-one.

No one.


13 thoughts on “When Evil Strikes Too Close.

  1. That’s horrifying news to hear. =( I am glad they found the sick person who did that and hopefully he will never be back. Please be safe, hun. That’s horrible!
    That poor baby did not have a chance, but you can protect yourself. Are there any self-defense classes taught? Check out some youtube videos and get strong so that if a man ever tried to hurt you, you can kick his ass!!!!


  2. Its really sick..the nation is on the verge of remembering the ordeal of Jyoti Singh’s case which happened a year ago, and despite all the new laws, men haven’t quiet got the point. I’d rather say these perverts are out to defy us. Such headlines can be a open embarrassment to Indians staying abroad. The concern of the officer and his wife is deplorable.


  3. the story is so sad and terrifying to hear.
    It is just sick that the parents were evicted from the quarter? Why? in the name of god why would they be?
    It is just horrible…
    They have our unconditional love and support.
    As for the man who…
    God I feel like crying right now..
    This has to end!!!!

    And your last statement, I have to terribly disagree with you on that.
    1. because even young boys have the chance to be the victim.
    2. What if that boy rapes a 1 year old girl?
    If one is so sure that his/her daughter will be a victim then? think about the number of gang rapes. many number of boys commit the crime on one girl. One victim/ several perpetrators. And these perpetrators are also somebody’s kid.
    No man or woman is safe. When it comes both “commiting nd being the victim
    Anyway, good that you raised their voice.
    I am just saying that as a girl please don’t encourage the so called perpetrators as the survival of the fittest, because they are the ones who should be killed in the womb in the first place. Because the first we need to teach our sons (or daughters) is NOT TO RAPE!!!!!

    Even we have witnessed sexual assault and rape very close. Like the young women in the bus stand near us. But she escaped thank god.

    Anyway, be safe and be strong. My prayers are with you and that little girl and her parents….


  4. Unbelievable, really! Well, not really, and that’s the sad part. But wow, what a tragedy. There’s really no words that adequately fit. MAN. I feel so bad for the Mom too. :0(

    I hope you’re well, Shrey. I miss you!! You have a very loud silence, you know. One of the strongest most “present” voices I’ve ever known. Enjoy your break! We all need them.

    But don’t get too comfortable being MIA.
    (I'[ll have to hunt you down! heheh…) x


  5. An issue that needs to be seen to be seen to immediately, but is often ignored for the ones that matter less. It after all may not be about the lack of respect that a person might harbor for another gender, or in some cases, the same gender, but about the lack of fear of consequences. A lesson that needs to be grilled in, when you are little. What I say might seem harsh. But, there are loads of men out there who probably do not respect women, that does not mean that they rape women. On the contrary, there are men who’ve respected women all their lives, but might still commit a rape. You have to mentally be a degenerate to commit a crime as grave as rape. A childhood full of bullying and being dominated upon probably. And when these are mixed with a lack of fear for whats going to happen next, it forms a deadly concoction.


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