I have NOTHING to write about. No, seriously.

My Htc One X is back and running smooth and that has rendered me useless. I spend my whole day reading crappy romance eBooks, surfing the inter-web and laughing at 9 Gag posts.

I feel useless. I am useless.

The moment I open my laptop my phone feels jealous. I have been neglecting my computer unintentionally, similar to a mother who lavishes her attention on the newly born making the first born feel unnoticed. What do I do? The phone is a compelling and absolutely time wasting device and wasting time is SO much fun!

To add to the atmosphere of laziness, I have no ideas in my head. No amazing memory, no anecdote, not even a god damn relationship fight to cry about. My exams went ok, my life is ok, everything is ok to the point of being boring and mundane. It was Diwali, the Christmas of Hindus and even that went OK. I have finished half Β a packet of chocolates in a day, sitting on my bed, slouching on chairs with my eyes never leaving the screen.

Feeling the fat accumulating on my waist I forced myself to go for a walk. So, I put on my “walking gear”, jammed my headphones, tied my hair in what appeared to me a sexy pony tail and walked. I walked for twenty minutes, came back home and stretched for five minutes. This twenty five minute exercise made me feel hot and I devoured 5 more chocolates.

Holidays are bad. They spoil routines, they are the destroyers of discipline. Holidays suck.

I received new notification from WordPress informing me that two new wonderful people followed my blog and my reaction to that was not pride but wonder. Why would they follow me? I am eating chocolate and reading mushy crap. I felt guilty. Is this it? Have I used up my creative juices? Juices made me go and drink a whole can of guava juice. Extra calories, extra guilt.

Has this phase of lassitude happened with you people? Please tell me it did. The notification LED on my phone is blinking now. I am drawn to it like a Heroin addict is to a shady seller in the park.

I am a phone zombie.

Oh God.










25 thoughts on “Zombie.

    1. Hahaha! Same here. I stalk creative blogs hoping to get inspiration by osmosis from the screen.
      Hasn’t worked so far.


  1. Well this makes me like you even more. I feel similar, although it’s not my phone interrupting. Just keep us in the loop of your chocolate indulgent moments and we are sure to follow and nod in agreement.


  2. Oh I so know where you are. Sometimes I get that way and for me- it’s worse than being angry or depressed- it’s complacency and nothingness, teetering on the edge of the “B” word: boredom! For me, boredom and complacency are my biggest enemies and I view them as ‘worse than getting old”. When there’s a struggle, there’s a reward. But yeah, I totally know where you’re at, Shreya, and it’s horrible. I think you’re in the same boat as me- hitting major burnout from school. I do hope you feel better soon. And I think we’ve all got a technological addiction of some sort or another. xo


    1. Hahaha! You always get me!
      Thank god.
      Okay, this may not be the right place to ask but here’s the song help i needed. I have this piano piece on mp3 and have written lyrics corresponding to the music.
      Now I need a way to sing the song with the piano mp3 playing in the background to make it sound like ONE track.
      Any ideas on how to achieve this?


      1. Yes, you should get a free digital multi-track studio called “Audacity”. Download it/install, etc. Again, it’s totally free. Once you have installed it, open your first track (piano) and it will show the sound wave- for best quality, the track should be in a .wav (or “wave”) format, always, so if you need to convert your piano .mp3 over to a wave first, you should do that. (Imagine editing a pic that’s blurry and just bad all around- bad photography- it would be best to edit a high quality pic to start with, and that’s what .wav’s are- high quality.) K, moving on! So then, you’ll need to have a decent mic (even if it’s a cheapie- make sure that it records well) and be sure to wear earphones while recording- very important- listen to the .mp3 after selecting “record” on the 2nd track. This will allow you to have two tracks when you’ve finished- one with the piano, and one with your voice. You can add FX and such to your voice in the general FX editor within the program. Same for the piano. A word of advice- go easy on the reverb- you don’t want to sound as if you’re in a tunnel! A little reverb is good though- for each track (or “channel” as they’re also known by) and after you’ve finished everything, you’ll be allowed to “mix down” both tracks and create a single track. Once that’s done, save the file as an .mp3- voila, you’re done. :0) Another bit of advice: be sure to save the project along the way, this way, if you want to go back to an area or rework something, you’ll be able to. You’ll need to save the “project” as an .aup file (that’s technobabble for “audacity file”.) Let me know if you need more help! (p.s. I have 30 + years of singing, writing songs, and playing piano and guitar. if you need help in in any of these areas- hit me up!) Also, if you want honest critique without marshmallow-puffery- I’ll give you that to. xo


      2. Yaayyy!
        You’re a godsend. An angel.
        I have downloaded the software and am now working on the lyrics and my horrible voice.
        This is perfect help and YES, I shall send you my song once it is complete for your critique and further help.
        If I could, I would have come running in slow motion and hugged the crap outta you.


  3. Sigh. Laziness is like a chronic illness for me. And a drug. I want a little at first, then more, then even more. And before I know it, the day is over – nothing accomplished. A feeling of uselessness and guilt makes me promise myself I’ll be productive tomorrow.

    But I know better πŸ˜›


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