Sick of six.

Tick Tock
Tick Tock

Six am.

My alarms read like this:

1. 0600 : WAKE UP.

2. 0615 : DAD WILL KILL!

3. 0630 : YOU ARE DEAD!

4. 0700 : C’MON, HAVE SHAME!

I sleep on time, around 12 am and leading scientists are of the opinion that six hours of sleep are quite sufficient for the mind, body, beauty and soul. Well that is true only in some cases.

I suffer from a disease that is as rare as it is common. Name you ask? It is called the “Lazy Just When The Alarm Ring-itis”  aka ” Sick of Six” and there is no known cure for it. My mother and brother leave for their schools at seven am and I leave with my father at eight thirty am. The time between six to seven is rush hour.Our kitchen seems like a scene from Masterchef America one day, with orders being barked and someone ending in tears or it could be Masterchef Australia the next.

Most days I don’t wake up as I come back home at five pm and am in a constant state of tiredness. I need more sleep. I do feel guilty about not getting up to help my mother but my disease just doesn’t let me.

I hope scientists find the cure to it.


10 thoughts on “Sick of six.

  1. Well then I totally have it made. I get the luxury of staying up as late as I want (sometimes all night) and sleeping in as late as I want too. I can’t complain. :0) But hey, I know the feeling! I’m tired a good bit of the time from the schoolwork though. When I worked as a Telemarketer some years ago, I was up by 4:30 a.m. and in bed by midnight- it kicked my butt entirely. I feel your pain. xo


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