Go Went Gone.

Hello there people.

I am off to what is known as ‘Heaven On Earth,’ Kashmir. I finished my packing the fastest in our clan of four. All clothes that camouflage my bulge have been dutifully stuffed into the suitcase. I also packed my “journal” and pen. The a “journal” is an an overtly girly spiral bound diary that I bought in September; the pages of which are blank. So much for being a writer.

This trip is going to be amazing because cell phones (pre-paid) do not work in Kashmir. There shall be no internet connection. Total technological cut-off. Total bliss. The hills, the food, the valleys, some amount of nausea induced puking and me. I am so excited.

I have already purchased a whole pack of anti-puke tablets which shall be my staple diet from tomorrow.

I have nothing witty to write and extending a post is not my cup of coffee. Hence, like the always crisp and to-the-point blogger I am, Au Revoir.

I hope you all miss me because I shall certainly miss your literary awesomeness.

Goodnight peeps.

See you soon.

See ya all!
See ya all!

10 thoughts on “Go Went Gone.

  1. Hope you have a great (not so pukey) time, Shreya. :0) Kashmir- I am so jealous! I hope you’re taking a camera. Oh, I posted a short story for you, by the way. Don’t forget to read it when you return- or before you leave- or when ever you like. But it will be there waiting for you. :0) It’s called: “White Linen”.

    Have a great trip!!


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