Strange place, huh?

I usually write at home. In fact, I ALWAYS write a post at home. I do not carry my laptop around as it is heavy and I travel a lot.

The first “strange place” that pooped into my head on reading this prompt was the time I wrote a post on the toilet seat while waiting for my face pack to dry. Best utilization of my fifteen otherwise useless minutes. In those fifteen minutes of bathroom glory I accomplished the following:

1. Wrote a nice long post that was voted in the top 5. Yes, I do say to myself that the toilet is one place where all negativity goes down the drain only to make place for creative genius. 

2. My face pack dried while I was typing. This meant that I was not sitting there uselessly nor was I moving my jaw to see whether the pack had dried enough. Win win.

3. I also cleaned up my bowels which was the whole point of sitting on the potty seat. Obviously.

I don’t know if this post undermines my seriousness towards the art of writing. Maybe it does. 




Now this potty-table would be immensely helpful for further such writing sprees. The laptop sure does feel hot on bare thighs, trust me on that.



20 thoughts on “Post-a-potty.

  1. LOLOL! Thanks for sharing this post. =) It does not discredit your writing, if anything it shows how much you love to write!!!

    I don’t post on the potty, however my husband will disappear for the LONGEST time with his iPad and then right before I get super worried that he might have been kidnapped, he comes out our room. I’m like “what the heck are you doing in there?!?!” LOL!


    1. Ahahahahaha!
      Probably playing games. When I was younger I’d read novels inside and my mother would keep looking for me. I’d simply say I was suffering from loosies or diarrhea.
      Good ol’ days!


  2. Hahaha…great post…as always…I like how you were courageous enough to speak about your potty post 😀

    Btw I also use to read novels and even my course book there. Time was precious then. Couldn’t waste a second ! 😀


    1. Course books in the haven that is the toilet?!
      Potty time is reserved only for pleasure activities such as novels, blogging, chatting on the phone!
      Thank you for reading!
      Read the new post, i’am sure you’ll like that even more.


    1. Face pack also commonly known as a face mask. Apply on the face and get better skin. Face packs may consist of papaya, honey, lemon etc.

      Bowel cleaning refers to the task of pooping. 😀


  3. Thank you! Now I know of another kindred soul on the creative poop deck. Love your honesty, wit, and charm. Sometimes it (the bathroom, to put it less crass) is the only place where you can get a real moment of privacy. And yes sometimes there is a creative “flow” there. Ha! I’ve been known to jot down a poem or story idea in there, too.


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