EeeeP 2

EEP part 2:

I did not want to do another post on an award so I continue here.  Marry Santos was kind enough to award me with this green beauty. Needless to say I am over the moon. Thank you so much Marry. One look at Marry and you can see for yourself just how pretty she is and how amazing her blog is.
Thank you again!
Seven “new” things about me are, boy this is difficult but here goes:                                                                       Wohoo!
1. At one point I did like Justin Beiber.
2. I love the Mother in HIMYM unlike the majority of people on the internet.
3.  I liked playing GTA as a child.
4.  I cry too much.
5. I prefer beaches over mountains.
6. I brush my teeth AFTER having coffee in the morning.
7. I wish I had a cooler blog name.



15 thoughts on “EeeeP 2

  1. I’ll tell you something. You’re one of the most entertaining writers in Bloggie-land. Seriously. And the fact that you poke fun at yourself is so refreshing! It gets old reading about how great people are (and how successful, etc.) so when I come to your place, I know that a.) I’m going to get a big dose of reality and b.) I’m going to be entertained. You’re a great writer. :0) And you know, great writers can get away with writing about pee and poo and other things…haha… you’re great. :0)


    1. That is the SWEETEST thing I have ever read about myself. Really.
      You make me blush beetroot red. I think this is to do with the fact that 1. I am not successful in reality but super awesome in my own head.
      2. The early interest that you showed in my first few boring posts boosted my confidence and I shall forever remain grateful for that. Really. Had I not received that amount of genuine interest from you or for that matter anyone I’d have given up. So, this is all because of you. Thank you!


    1. I don’t know. I have read blog names that have been the reason for me to press follow and when that happens I find mine to be mundane.


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