No stars, only bucks.

Starbucks was launched in India last year and the first outlet in Delhi was visited by all and sundry as if it was a trip to the Vatican or Mecca. Each sip of coffee was followed by a tweet or Facebook status update. Pictures or it didn’t happen is the norm after all. It is funny how an increase in cost of anything and everything makes it all the more enticing just because it offers exclusivity to people. Marketing is a game played by geniuses. The sense of superiority and the innate need of people to be “in” is cashed upon so brilliantly that its simplicity astounds me.

So after a year of all the hype and brouhaha the boyfriend and I decided to check out Starbucks today. Yes, we were not a part of the herd. And yes, we felt “superior” too. It works both ways, brilliant right? I ordered the Pumpkin Latte only because I had read about it so much and it is officially the month of the Pumpkin, he ordered a Java-something-chocolate drink. Java because as engineers C++ is too boring. Starry eyed with lots of bucks we also ordered lots to eat. Lots. While I loved my drink, the food was just O.K. I mean for something as expensive as that I wanted nothing less than fireworks. Or at least a cute waiter or two. The Java was just about so-so. I did click a picture. I had to.

The Pumpkin Frappechino
The Pumpkin Frappechino

The DTC buses follow Murphy’s slightly modified law.

The frequency of the bus that you need to board is inversely proportional to the urgency with which you need to board it.

I keep waiting for a dratted bus for over thirty minutes on a daily basis.  When one does deign to arrive it is driven by an absolute jerk who drives off without seeing if some poor passenger is waiting or frantically waving their arms to catch the driver’s attention. Absolute and sheer misery.

It is just SAD.lo

14 thoughts on “No stars, only bucks.

  1. Interesting, or not, I live near Seattle, home to Starbucks… and around here, we refer to it as “Charbucks.” They burn their beans, and while it is reliably predictable, it’s not my favorite, at all. It’s amazing how they are everywhere! Ironically, it was based on the lack of lattes, while I was in India, that I gave up caffein 3 years ago. Clever title!


    1. Gave up caffeine? Whoa! India is famous for “filter coffee” which is nothing but coffee powder mixed in hot milk with lots of sugar.
      Char-bucks is hilarious. 😀
      Title appreciation from you means a LOT.


      1. You brave woman.
        I drink coffee only because I love the taste of it.
        But I have a suspicion that I might be addicted.


      2. I said the same thing, and the headaches were a clear sign that it wasn’t all taste. Now, I drink decaff lattes, for the taste. Still a favorite. And now, when I do have caffein, it isn’t such a problem.


  2. The mysterious glory of Starbucks, heh. It just opened in Oslo too, with the same woo and hoo as you describe…:) I don’t imagine I’ll go on my own initiative as I haven’t really experienced their coffee as particularly good elsewhere in the world.
    As pointed out, great title! And I’m all with you on the lost bus misery – I mean, two seconds to let on that last, stressed-out person, what does it cost them?


    1. Thank you for reading and liking the title. 😀
      And yes, what would it cost them? I have seen many a miserable passenger at the bus stop who missed the bus by a fraction of a second.


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