He Never Left.

http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/3900000/Phantom-Wallpaper-the-phantom-of-the-opera-3936937-1024-768.jpg   “Please keep your damn cell phones on silent” barked the director to no-one in particular as the take was ruined for the umpteenth time.

“Shit!” he muttered, he had been sure that the phone had been on vibrate. It was his second day on the job and he did not want to be kicked out for something as stupid as this at least.

As the shooting resumed his heart beat too returned to normal. He was on the sets of The Phantom Returns,2013. He had been selected as the lead make-up artist. He had not been able to believe his luck when Mark had informed him about his selection. Working on this film, the film he had loved as a teenager and the videos of which he had watched repeatedly on You tube, had been a  dream come true. The atmosphere on the sets had been definitely spooky he thought.

This was the studio that horror came alive in. The half melted candles, the darkness, the fake cobwebs indistinguishable from the real ones and the feeling that maybe, just maybe The Phantom was indeed watching them all.

“CUT. Good take both of you. Pack up!”

It was time to remove the layers of make-up, pack away the cosmetics and go home. He cleaned Christie’s face, amazed by her beauty. He wished he could touch the contours of her face without the adage of brushes or tissues.  Oh how he yearned to kiss her and love her. Almost everybody had left for the night. The set was eerily silent. The only lights were coming from the hot fluorescent bulbs dotting the mirror. Make-up fully removed Christie hurriedly got up to her feet.

“Date tonight. See you tomorrow Eric!” she said merrily. The strap of her bag caught onto the cosmetic case’s handle, causing the kit to crash down on the floor. The white tiles were now covered with rouge and eye- shadows of all possible colors.

Eric wanted to slap her. That was his personal MAC box. Destroyed in seconds. “Stupid klutz” he muttered.

“I’m sorry, really. I could help clean up.”

He was in no mood to listen. That was two grand worth of make up that was lost and he wanted to cuss in peace.

“Christie, please go. Have a good time”  he said icily.

Thank fully, she left. She had tears in her eyes but he could not care less. He was all alone. Or so he thought. He crouched on the floor, replacing the small tin boxes on the trays while trying to find  salvageable pellets.  He got up to get the room from the broom closet. Something moved in the shadows. Was he imagining things?

Being alone on the sets of a creepy movie could make anybody’s imagination go wild. His footsteps echoed loudly down the dark hallway. He switched on the torch on his phone and held the screen high. The site that met him turned his blood cold. The phone fell from his hands and fell. The shattering of the glass screen could not be heard over the scream that came from his mouth.  His legs were paralyzed, his mind numb with denial. His brain refused to process what his eyes had just seen.

“Eric, you do not speak to my Christine in that tone of voice. Am I clear?”, The Phantom hissed menacingly in his ear

. “Y-y-y-es-s” he stuttered, the word as incoherent as his terrified thoughts.

“I will be watching you”, the cool blade of the knife sliced into Eric’s sweat slicked neck, “Don’t let this happen again Eric. I will not hesitate in killing my namesake for my love.”

The trickle of warm blood down his spine was the last sensation he remembered before the world went black.

The Phantom had indeed returned. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is my first ever attempt at anything remotely spooky. If you want to try your hand do check out http://www.yeahwrite.me/speakeasy/badges-130/. Go on, participate!


21 thoughts on “He Never Left.

  1. Nicely written.
    But I don’t believe in ghosts and don’t watch horror movies so didn’t feel the horror when the phantom actually shows up cause you know, I don’t believe that might have happened…


  2. Bravo! I have no idea who the Phantom is (I know, I know…) but you did a great job building up the suspense. I’ve actually written several short stories a few years back. Maybe I’ll share one with you sometime. 😉


    1. To be honest even I had to use the trusty Wikepedia to know what The Phantom was, so, we’re both peas of the same pod.
      Yes, I’d love to read stories written by you! Thank you for finding the suspense in the words, I was scared it looked too bland and boring. Reading is a lot easier than writing.


      1. I definitely agree. Writing is difficult sometimes! I’ll be honest with you though- you’re a much better writer when you’re writing without trying to, and that is not to be taken as an insult! You’re a talented fiction writer- this is obvious, but- you can’t inject your natural, God-given comedic fierceness into your serious pieces. You have to stay “on topic” with fiction, you know? But when you’re writing your everyday stuff, you’re freaking hilarious, and, your choice of words (just because you’re so smart) is really impressive. I read your writings sometimes and I’m like, “Damn. I want to write like that.” I’m being serious. You’re a natural writer! I would recommend that when you write fiction, try to infuse your non-fiction style (however you can do that) into your pieces. Your fiction is good, but it needs your HEART. I know that’s a tall order, probably, but I think it can be done. In other words, it will be hard to “copy yourself” perhaps, but I think you should definitely do that. I’m looking forward to reading more of your fiction! Let me know when you write more. 😉


      2. Yes, for me it is really difficult to write fiction. I mean, the story has to be forced out of me. And thank you for your praise, it really means a lot coming from you. You’ve read my blog since the first post and it feels so good getting solid suggestions and advice from you.


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