Suit Up!

How important are clothes to me, woman? 

How important is oxygen for survival? Okay, maybe not to that level but you get the gist, right?

I love clothes but hate shopping. The whole procedure of running from rack to rack, aisle to aisle, store to store trying to find that perfect piece of garment for myself is arduous and tiring. Waiting in line for your turn at the trial room is something I absolutely hate. Buying jeans is the worst task. Wear one, remove one, wear the next one. Wiggle in wiggle out, so painful.

My style? I buy clothes that simply camouflage my belly in waves of beautiful cloth. Its genius. Flowy feminine tops, well fitted jeans and comfortable footwear coupled with a watch and an attitude to die for. I feel conscious if I wear anything too fitted. Being fair allows me to wear an atrocious shade or hue. My color palate swings from whites to shocking pinks and greens. Absolutely anything that catches my eye and hides my bulge.

Clothes do make an impact on how you are perceived by people and your own self. No-one feels good or fabulous in a pair of bug eaten pajamas, not even Miranda Kerr. Good clothes make heads turn, good clothes make other women envious, is there a greater feeling than that?

When I wear my favorite clothes I feel like one of those sparkling models, spotlight on my face, people looking at me in awe and “I’am Sexy and I know It” playing in the background.

So, make an effort, get up and SUIT UP!

As much as your budget allows you to.



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