A junkie’s mind.

What is junk?


Things that I store for “future use”.  A future that simply never seems to come.

Broken things kept solely for their sentimental values.

I don’t have any junk that belongs to me. Hard to believe? I checked it before writing this piece. The only junk in my life are the  old useless thoughts my mind digs out when I am upset.  Funny thing these thoughts. They remain hidden in deep recesses of an otherwise forgetful mind however it takes one moment of self doubt or anger to bring them out in a whoosh.

Junk thoughts. Junk negativity. My mind is that of a junkie it seems.

How do I get rid of these? I have no idea.  Negative junk thoughts, like all other physical useless items also have some “future use”. They fuel the fire within sometime “in the future”. At least that is what I like to believe.

If only the mind too had a green dustbin, a blue one and a dump.

305Pedal Dustbins



Image trashed from http://www.jdfabrication.in/productpic/305Pedal%20Dustbins%20.png


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