White walls.

Fast internet, nay, internet that allows me to “Skip Ads” is a rare treasure in my part of the world. Taking advantage of this once in a blue/purple maybe even red moon opportunity, I sat watching videos to all my favorite songs. Men with beautiful deep voices with a face to match make the world a better place. I am pretty sure I looked like this image while watching these men, correction, audio-visual gifts to womankind.


The home is being white washed. The walls look squeaky clean but the floors are now a mess. Isn’t that how everything in life is? One thing goes right while another loses track and goes rogue. You clean the walls, you mess the floor. The good thing about floors is that they can be cleaned up fairly easily and the walls stay clean for a long time. Again, similar to life. You need to figure which messes to make and which things need to be righted. I am rambling. I hate weekends. Weekends make me feel dull and lazy.

While You-tubing I  watched and re-watched and again watched:


The video of  Overjoyed by Matchbox 20 (yes, I LOVE the band) made me cry. The song is beautiful, its video even more so. Do see if you are into the mushy side of things and feelings.

The parents came back from a party and I am home, snuggled with my laptop, typing away and typing some more. Sometimes I like to imagine that I am typing something of national or maybe international importance. My thick black glasses perched sexily on my nose, brow wrinkled in deep concentration, hair knotted in a messy bun and the clickety-clackety sound of my keyboard rhythmic and fast.  It is such a fantastic feeling. At some level sadly hilarious as well. Twenty one year old female fantasizing about faster typing speeds is tragically comic.

That is all for now.


4 thoughts on “White walls.

  1. Hey, If you’d like you can maybe check out my playlist. You may find some songs to get you through these dull times.
    Also Overjoyed by matchbox 20 made me think of another song with the same name by Bastille-overjoyed.Good song as well!

    P.S post was very enjoyable and feel good to read 🙂


  2. You need to figure which messes to make and which things need to be righted.

    Right. We need to prioritise things in life. Like what is important to us right now and what things we can place in queue for future. Like to me, my boss phone call is more important than my twitter updates. Pick one job depending on priority, concentrate on that and then go for another and so on.


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