K. Ttyl.

Back to the future.

  • Tech savvy?  Check.
  • Younger than forty? Check.
  • Owns cool smartphone? Check.
  • Knows English? Check.
  • USES English? Check!

I hate acronyms. I hate grammatical errors. I hate people who use incorrect English and cover up their weakness under the garb of “oops!Typo!”

Yeah right. I am onto you, you sneaky bad English speaking/writing person. Now, I am not a snob. What I don’t understand is how much time does it take to put an O in front of that stupid K? My brother -in -law owns a Galaxy Note 2 and even on that gigantic screen types “tat” instead of “that”. It makes me want to break his phone and on behalf of all that is English say “Tit for tat, there take THAT!”

Now for this particular prompt I am to write a scenario with cool new lingo and slang.

I am sorry. NO.




English should be understandable. In fact, any language for that matter.

That is all I have to say.




My blog just gagged.




Meme from http://i3.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/007/423/untitle.JPG


26 thoughts on “K. Ttyl.

  1. ^^Same here! =) I loved this post. This is just so perfect! I’m not even going to do the Daily Prompt for today because you just nailed it, and anything I write won’t even compare! =)



    1. Seriously?
      Hahaa, thanks!
      Although I do want you to write as well because you somehow take the sting out of anything harsh!
      Glad you enjoyed it.


      1. Haha! Yes!

        I don’t think I could, what you said was perfect and so true about how people write and communicate today.

        =) You’re welcome, babe!


  2. I know that feel, bro. What I don’t understand is that most of those abbreviations take more time to think up than it would to just write the entire word out. I must admit, I do type “Kk” instead of “OK” but I think that’s allowable since I say “KAY-KAY” in real life. Also, I can never forgive people who mix up there, their, they’re, you’re, and your. NEVER.


    1. I hear ya’!
      It makes me cringe.
      I identify with the Grammar Nazi. Sometimes I do feel mean spirited but these people went to school too! A spelling mistake is acceptable, sometimes even funny but a misplaced apostrophe and a misused pronoun
      gets my blood boiling.


  3. This post comes at a time when hideous relatives of mine (yes, I am allowed to call them that because they are my relatives and they really are hideous), are kicking off on FB over something utterly ridiculous and are threatening to take their children out of school to home school. That would be fine but their English is appalling, their use of profanities in every second word is worse and I despair! All over a peanut butter sandwich…

    Apologies…tangent. The use of English language got me going here. I cannot stand txt spk – I h8 it wth a vngce, it duz me hed in.

    Mrs ASU


  4. Perhaps you should write more sassy, “in-your-face” posts such as this one. It did particularly well! heheh… by the way, when I text (which is rarely) I spell out the words entirely- always. I’m with you on that one. 😉


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