A Little More!

Billie Joe Armstrong sang Wake me up when September ends.

September is ending and I need to wake up and shape up. What better way than to publicly declare a list of goals so that that little part of you having some amount of self respect ensures that you do at least some of them. I am making myself accountable to the vast world of the internet. Don’t judge me.

1. Lose weight

Exercise. My fingers are refusing to type these words , behave fingers! Yes, i have said the dreaded E Β word, exercise. The bane to all that is lazy and chubby in my body. I have decided to work out thirty minutes, each morning. I need to become fit and healthy. My body fat is jingling more than any jingle bell at Christmas and it is unhealthy.

So, Shape Up.

2. Study for the next ten days and get a job at ABB.

All of you know about my Aptitude apocalypse at TCS. Well, I want this job at ABB.

“But you want to become a journalist and write, right? What happened? Why this?”

Four years of torturous engineering and no job to show for it? I don’t think so. I want to prove to myself and my parents and all other pesky relatives that I am a writer who can also kick-ass as an engineer.


3. Win the Yeah Write challenge.

Last time I participated, I was in the Top 5. Now, like a shark that has tasted blood in the vast ocean of words, I want that winner’s badge and I want it bad. This might take time as the people participating are just too good. I feel like I am competing with the Agatha Christie-sand J K Rowling-s of the blogging world. Not to worry, its now on the Bucket List and shall be achieved!

So, write. Creatively.

4. Write a LONG post.

I see in my reader “TITLE”, followed by a few lines and then at the bottom in light grey the words “and 1007 more words” and my face forms a perfect O of surprise. I cannot for the life of me find anything to write a thousand words about. Fiction is not my strong point. My daily life is best expressed in a maximum of five hundred words only. My thoughts are concise and because of my science background my writing style can be described best as short and snippy. I want to be able to describe more, write more and maybe show off my amazing vocabulary that forces the reader to select the word, right click to choose “search Google for xxyyxx”. Yes, that’s the dream.

So, write MORE.

5. That’s all I can think about for now.


So, think MORE.

P.S: I searched “a little more” for cool images and for some reason I saw a photo of breasts in the Google gallery. The world gets weirder a little more everyday. So I decided to go with this.

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16 thoughts on “A Little More!

  1. I am rooting for you in all of the above! My boyfriend and I decided we needed to lose weight, too. We tried juicing and lasted like three days. Now we are trying meal replacement protein shakes. These are a LOT cheaper, tastier, and easier to prepare. I think you’re brave to post your goals online. Good luck!


    1. Protein shake? Thanks for the idea!
      And the boyfriend and you can lose weight in a lot of fun ways, if you know what I mean. *wink wink*
      Thanks for rooting! I need it, especially for the weight management.


  2. “search Google for ChoOse” heheh….(you typed: chose)

    I’m “short and snippy” too. (Although I am close to getting my degree in Behavioral Sciences- so am used to science also and the “scientific method” of deductions and reasonings, I think my short and snippiness comes from all of the BS in life! And that doesn’t stand for “Behavioral Sciences”..heheh..) But unlike you, I have no problem filling up a seriously long post with the goings on of my “is she making this up?” life. My problem is trying to shorten my posts! (I don’t know what kind of strange and bizarre energy my world attracts, but attract it it does.) I hope you get the job at ABB- you’re a talented writer already. If you’re supposed to have that engineering job- the right doors will open up. I hope you knock it out in the writing contest. πŸ˜‰


    1. Oops!
      Glad you let me know about the O. My posts are getting a tad longer these days. Thanks for your wishes! You are always so ery nice. πŸ™‚


  3. Reading your posts, we seem so similar, I love all your posts. I haven’t really started posting yet, because of exams coming up (very new to blogging), but had I been posting, the topics could possibly be similar!
    My current goals are almost the same, with a couple of differences being that I need to be studying for another month or so, and that my writing goals are to put up some posts (any post) when i get enough time!
    Best of luck for your tests and on the yeah write challenges. πŸ™‚


    1. Really?
      Start posting soon! We could both participate in these challenges! Start writing small, I would love to read your posts.


  4. Haha. Good luck with the long post, although people always get lazy reading long posts. I say through experience of writing my own long posts and getting just a single view >_>

    But it might be different for you, so don’t listen to me πŸ˜›


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