A Society With No Honor

honour killing(1)

Honor Killing.

The definition
The Recent case
The gory past and present

When did love become dishonorable?

It seems that proving we are a society which is backward in its thinking and brutal in its reactions has become our mission. Apparently, misplaced and misguided upkeepment of honor is more valuable than human lives. India has become the beacon for patriarchy and societal abuse in the twenty-first century. It is sad to know that progress is being made in a way that reeks of a lack of education, balance and most importantly, humanity.What does one make of a society where in the murder of one’s kin is tolerated but their falling in love is not? Is being sentenced for life an accolade to be boasted about? Does it bring enough laurels to the family name?

Utter lack of modernization is  deeply entrenched in parts of our culture. A boy-girl, man-woman showing the minutest display of affection in public is severely frowned upon in a country whose ancient architecture shows human loving. It is sad to know that the right to choose one’s partner is available to only a privileged few. Members of the Khap Panchayats  have their own set of rules which they believe is the law. Death sentences for them are routine affairs. Fall in love, fall prey to death. Court rulings are met with extreme resistance by these people. Through political clout and wielding the power of money, these goons remain unscathed.

In the most recent instance of honor killing, the girl’s father publicly quoted that he would do it again. It referring to lynching and burning his own daughter. No wonder the sex ratio in these states is irreparably skewed. Not only fathers, mothers too plot and plan against their own kin should the child be foolish enough to offend her wishes in the matrimony department.   A girl is either killed in the womb due to lack of love or is murdered for falling in love. How do these people live with their conscience intact? Maybe they have none.

Reading about such news on a weekly if not daily basis sickens me as an Indian. Educated, humane people do try to help lovers who elope for fear of their lives; how much can they do? People are terrified, judges and lawyers are threatened while society is forced to remain a shocked spectator. Members of these Panchayats have offered justification for their ruthlessness on national television.In their twisted minds to love against the family’s wishes deserves death. Murder prevents family shame. While their views and actions disgust many, an equally large strata of the society agrees with them. It is this support that emboldens them; which gives them the courage to commit these heinous acts.

It is sad to know that a nation that welcomes everyone with love has its heart devoid of it.


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9 thoughts on “A Society With No Honor

  1. It’s people like you who change the world, Shreya. One voice can be like a spark that ignites a forest. keep doing your thing! Good things will come of it and you know, you never know just whose life you may change. (In short, “You go, girl!”)


    1. Thank fully I am not an only voice. Yesterday, I found many online support groups and organisations against Honor killings.

      As always, thank you for reading and supporting!


  2. Hey there,

    I’ve always known honour killing went on in parts of sub-continental Asia, but I thought it mostly went on in Pakistan. In fact, in the UK it’s mostly associated with the Pakistani community. That’s right, it even happens here!

    The UK authorities would ignore this if they could, like they do with forced marrage, female genitle mutilation and other cultural and religious paractices that shouldn’t be accommodated for the sake of ‘community cohesion’. Unfortunately for them they can’t because when someone is murdered they have to investigate.

    This is a great short piece you’ve written that nails the situation right on the head! I can’t add more too it, the only thing I can add is stating the obvious, education is the answer!

    However, in your opinion, do you think education and modernisation would stop this? I’ve seen cases in the UK where some educated Indian/Pakistani Brits have been involved with this sort of thing. I’m not sure if this is because they’re surrounded by their old culture (In the UK, as almost everywhere, most of the immigrant communities tend to ‘band’ together). Or if it’s because of the UK authorities allowing so much room for so-called ‘Cultural norms’ that shouldn’t be tolerated, but are.

    In my opinion, I’m sure education and modernisation will help, but there will always be the draw of their ancestors cultural norms and the guilt-tripping that goes with it from family, elders and even some religious leaders. I want to bellieve education will eradicate this type of disgusting social tradition which is falsely labled ‘culture’, but it’s so ingrained in Asian society ingeneral that it’s going to be a long time before it fades away. I hope it’s sooner rather than later!

    Thanks for the interesting read 🙂

    – Phil


    1. Phil!
      Thank you so very much for reading and finding the time to write down your views.
      You do have a point, education should and could help but somehow these sect of people overlook any form of change in their mindsets. I never knew it was happening in the UK! That is a shock.

      What can education do if the individual is unwilling to adapt or accept i even? It is the women and in such cases the men too who should stand up and take the support of authorities. At least in the UK.
      Lets hope for change and soon.

      Thank you again for reading!


  3. Such things are likely to happen in a culture that snatches away an individual’s right to choose his/her life-partner.Even educated and financially independent Indians fail to stand up to their parents’ in case of any opposition to their choice of life partners.


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