Just not fair.

Is the Daily Prompt psychic?


Life has the uncanny ability of wiping the smile off your face before you even begin to feel the joy.

I never thought I would rant publicly on my blog but today I have reached my breaking point. I have lost my patience with the world and all the people who constitute it.


1. The parents.

They load you with work regardless of the fact that you may be teensy weensy tired and sleepy.

“We too have traveled by buses.”

“WE have been through this.”

“You should do this, not THAT.”

With all due respect, twenty years ago there was no global warming threatening to melt everything in sight neither was the traffic situation so bad that one could not  see the damn road even.

Standing at the bus stop for thirty minutes in sweltering hotness has given me feet blisters. I do not complain, simply rush to the bathroom and put them in cold water.

“What’s with the pedicure?” is the irritating question thrown at me.

I could go on the many other things that were said and asked but that would probably need a whole night.


2. The TCS.

I apply. They accept the form, wish me luck and give the download link. Now my college sends me an email informing me that my application was rejected for “some reason”. What in the name of God is this “some” reason?

Why did the site accept it then?

What was the luck for?

Good luck surviving our stupidity?

Now I have to reach college early and sort this mess out. Later, I have an exam. This time I have studied in advance. So, yeah me!

Boo TCS.


What would I do to change this bout of unfairness?

Rant about it till I feel better because these instances are not in my hands anymore.

I feel better.


Angry woman from www.oprah.com



12 thoughts on “Just not fair.

  1. When life gives you lemons, throw them at mean people!


    Heheh…you know, Shreya, I really feel for you! Your parents are putting so much unnecessary pressure on you. I can see that you are a strong, talented woman. Do you know how many parents would absolutely love to have you for a daughter?! I do also know that the societal and parental pressures put on young people in your culture and country to not only succeed but to excel is insane. I think they’re putting you under a microscope. (i.e. the “pedicure”. it is not a bad thing! It’s your way of saying “I want to simply enjoy myself for a little bit and feel pampered.” But pampered should not be confused with “spoiled”.) I wish more parents were like me- yes- I DID just say that…heheh. I tell my children that I am here to support them. If they want tattoos, etc. I support them. (I do not like the tattoos, etc. but it is THEIR bodies, therefore it is their choices.) I tell them that they must choose right and wrong for themselves- I will love them regardless. Above all, I love them for who they are not “what they do or do not do”.

    Love is all-embracing and it should never be conditional- but, that said, no doubt you’re parents love you very much. :0) It’s not easy being a parent! And it’s hard to give that control over to its rightful owner- the teenager.

    I’m glad you were able to get things off your chest. This is why blogging is such a powerful thing! It gives us a voice to express- even if that voice is wounded- it’s a necessary thing to “be heard”. I want to encourage you to pick up your camera (or phone) and take pictures when you’re feeling angry, sad, depressed, etc. Turn it into art. that way, when you look back in your life at horrible things you went through- you will see the beauty that you extracted from the pain, rather than the wreckage. (This is what I do and it absolutely works.)

    Be well! Eat ice cream. 😉



    1. Amazing advice!
      And I did eat ice cream and chocolate cake too. 😀
      My parents too aren’t that bad, ok, they are not as cool as what you are but by the societal standards they are pretty cool.
      Yesterday, everything everyone did was annoying me. One of THOSE days.
      And this is not a novella, rather its a novel experience and joy to have someone read my post and respond to it like family would.
      Seeing you and many other bloggers, even i want to pick up the camera and go clicking! You are a great mother.
      Thank you so much. Reading what you have written made my day!
      Happier post tonight for sure.


  2. I love that your “rant” was full of respect!! That takes a lot of strength as a person. No life is not fair. That was my foster Dad’s favourite line. And I do agree but I think what makes the unfairness in life manageable or overwhelming is the way we respond to it. Good for you in how you decided to handle this stress. Rant on here anytime….we are here for you!!


    1. Thank you SO very much! It means a lot.
      I have this rule, when extremely upset with someone you love, just remember one good thing about them.
      That keeps the rant and anger in perspective.


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