May I have your order?

What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?

There are many different kinds of customers. The meek ones, who are scared to express what they want and accept what is given, hoping they’ re not being fooled. The smart ones who demand what they want and get it. The irritants, who like a pendulum keep vacillating between two options, making you want to either kick them or punch them. I am partially the meek and strong.

I know what I want , I ask it politely and if the server fails to do so, I get angry politely.

My father thinks I’am weak.

I personally like to make all people handling something i am going to eat/buy/wear happy rather than get them in a spit-in-her-food mode.

Coming to the most wonderful experience I have ever had. *cue rainbows and sparkles*
I am absolutely addicted to Subway. The fresh vegetables, the sauces, the chicken, the cookies!
One sultry afternoon, at around three pm, I entered the store ravenously hungry. At that point in time I was not a frequent visitor and the cute servers’ didn’t know me. At the non-veg counter a woman was placing her order. Placing seems too kind. She was barking her order.

“Less of this, more of that. MORE OF THAT, OH GOD, DON’T YOU GET IT!”  She was not pretty enough to justify her shouting and screaming.
Usually, a sub is ready in about five minutes but this particular one took almost ten. I am pretty sure the server heard the rumble of my stomach while giving me an apologetic look.
Being the good person that I am, I gave him the i-know-she-is-a-bi$%h look and smiled.
Once Ms.Not this, more that’s order was done with, he politely asked me for mine.
One smile and being patient for over ten minutes earned me extra olives, jalapenos and extra squirting of yummy mayonnaise.
Needless to say I was very happy.
I guess patience and being nice has become so rare these days that I was awarded with a free cookie as well.

My day was made.
My happiness doubled.
A free cookie is the balm needed by a soul so troubled.

I did ask the guys, “What is this for?”, they all said, “Thanks!”
Be kind people. Life does not always give only lemons.


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22 thoughts on “May I have your order?

  1. I used to work at Subway. :0) We weren’t allowed to eat the food for free or take any home with us (oopsy…) but I must say, my Mom and my Dad (who I lived with at the time) ate VERY well. [mumbles something suspiciously under breath]

    I’m also an x-telemarketer- it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had. People would cuss at me, chew me out, belittle me- just for asking them if they wanted to renew their ending magazine subscriptions that they had signed up for. It wasn’t pretty! (I did, however, hone my people skills until they were razor sharp.) I laughed when I read this: “She was not pretty enough to justify her shouting and screaming.”


    If a person screws up my order- that’s alright the first time. If it’s an accident, I get it- we all make mistakes. But if a person clearly doesn’t give a darn, and they continue screwing up despite my repeated attempts to simply “have a meal” (especially at the drive through…grr…) then I will definitely have something comped- without a doubt. I’ve been offered a manager/supervisor’s position at every job I’ve had because I go out of my way to make the customer feel important, heard, and cared for, always (ALWAYS) getting his or her first name and addressing them directly and respectfully (using their names). It’s important to let people know that you’re “present” and that the’re in good hands!

    So when I get a slacker (drive-thru, etc.) who truly doesn’t give a damn- I make sure they do. 🙂 But that said, that lady was a real tool!


    1. Worked at Subway? How could you resist the temptation of popping in a few olives or a little bit of chicken?
      Look at me, i have to leave home in thirty minutes and go give an exam and here I am typing away and laughing!
      Missed you so SO much!
      If only people, both customers and the service providers could be more like you!


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