Look pretty, talk smart.

I usually like to respond to the Daily Prompt ASAP. Got caught up with work today.


I digress.

Public speaking? Voicing opinions? Facing the crowd? I LOVE IT.

Not being someone who hides behind the veil of modesty just because it’s the norm and looks polite; I am quite a good orator. I have always loved debates, declamations or poetry recitations. Its something I learnt from my father. Yes, he is a brilliant speaker. People love him.

That moment when you know that everyone in the room is listening to what YOU are saying, that gives me an adrenaline rush of the good kind. Right before getting on stage the Stomach Zoo does open up but once I start speaking I feel in my element.  Girl Power, hell yeah!

One would think I am the same way while speaking or confronting an emotional and private matter, sadly, it’s the completely opposite. For the life of me, I CANNOT express my emotions vocally. Opinions, facts, statements, presentations, I feel confident about. The complexity and ever-changing nature of my emotions leaves me tongue-tied.


So be it black socks or underwear or maybe even going the full monty, I feel insanely awesome while speaking to a group or publicly.












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11 thoughts on “Look pretty, talk smart.

  1. Last semester was my dreaded Public Speaking class…UGH. I expected to receive top grades (which I did, a 92% out of 100 overall) and literally pulled off 6 speeches in only two days. Talk about procrastinating, huh? My final speech was about the prison systems and locking away mentally ill people in ADSEG (or, administrative segregation- which consists of living in complete isolation 23 hours per day, sometimes for years- think “Women’s Room”) and disallowing them to serve their time with some form of dignity. Usually, I can BS my way through ANYTHING- I’m a good speaker, but when the topic is something I’m passionate about, it’s much easier.

    And then there’s this: about two years ago, I built a website for my city’s homeless shelter (from scratch). I paid for the domain, took all of the photos of the residents, compiled all of the write-ups- I did it all and donated it to The Haven House, which is the homeless shelter. I also rallied to put the Paypal tab on their so that the haven House can receive globalized donations. Several months ago, the head honcho (a woman who runs the Haven House) invited me to a meeting at the town hall with the mayor to speak about the homeless in our town. I was thrilled. :0) I had no idea that there were News cameras and medai all over the place.

    After I got there, she tapped me on the shoulder (she was sitting behind me) and said, “Alright Birgitta, I want you to go next.” Gulp. Huh?! There was no saying no- I realized I was given a privileged position and had been given the honour of being the “mouthpiece for the homeless”- there was no way I was going to turn that down. So, there I went! No script, no idea what I would ramble on about. When I got behind the podium and saw the media on all sides- it was a little scary. But I thought immediately, “What do I know about these homeless people that they don’t? I want to educate them.” I spoke about the drug and alcohol addiction that often accompanies homelessness, as well as mental illness, which makes it hard to distinguish one from the other sometimes.

    I ended up being on 4 separate news channels and was later asked to be interviewed. It turned out better than I expected! I don’t like the adrenaline that goes with public speaking- to me- it’s like thinking about walking on a tightrope, and after the crazy life I’ve led- I think I’ve had enough excitement….heheh…


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