I think she’s weird.

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.




So you want my perspective on her?

Who I am to say anything, just a humble old desk. Occupying space, laying there, doing my job. This one, at least she keeps me spruced up and pretty. Just between you and me, I think she has OCD. See that corner with the photograph and sketch pens? That has to be EXACTLY placed and positioned, with the colors of the sketch pens EXACTLY in that order or she starts getting fidgety.  Now I have seen some things in my life time but THIS kinda craziness about a few darned pens, NO.

So, this one day, I saw her carrying tons of writing paper. The expensive kind. She was handling it awfully carefully. I knew it HAD to be special. But I also knew that it was going to get ruined with the water that her brother had spilled and not told her about. Cheeky little kid.

So, what did I do you ask? I love the missy, I would do anything for her. The moment she was about to place that fancy paper on me, I farted. Or what you humans say “creaked”. Now it was a mighty loud farty creak. She paused. Put the paper on her chair. Mind it! The chair.

And started looking for what was wrong.

That’s how I saved the day because being the neat freak that she is, she spotted the water spill.

I have never seen her buying much of clothes but man, she sure buys a LOT of pens and pretty notebooks she never seems to use. My drawers and cupboards are stacked with them. MY first month with her, I thought I was at some stationery shop. It was an honest mistake!

The calendars she buys are from UNICEF, I heard her telling her friend over the phone. She loves the Harry Potter books. Reads them at any random moment. I have seen her spend hours buried in the dictionary. That’s weird to me. Read an actual book I want to say. Nowadays, she’s mostly typing away on her laptop. Blogging is what she’s doing I think. I approve of it. Keeps her happy.
When making those couple-y cards for her love you should see her smile. Its bigger than my width. I kid you not. I love to see her that happy.

I’ve also seen her cry over the silliest things. Makes me want to smack her with the door of my cupboard. I cannot hug her. Sad.

All in all I’am glad to be her possession. I know she loves me. She’s told me so.

NO. That ain’t a blush.

Go away for now.










20 thoughts on “I think she’s weird.

      1. My apologies…I didn’t mean I would copy your story. I meant I would take your idea and write a blog entry about an inanimate object’s view of me. If I stole your writing it would be very obvious…I don’t organize anything, let alone pens on my desk.


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