Exam tomorrow, blog today.

I am addicted.

I have an exam tomorrow and all I have done today is:

1. Charge Laptop

2. Switch on Wi-Fi

3. Switch on laptop

4. WordPress, Gmail, Google all open in different tabs.

5. Read, write, browse, follow, comment, stalk, laugh, get shocked.

6. Check stats like a child at the candy store.

7. Thank every single person who finds what i write readable while jumping up and down excitedly.

8. Thank some more.

9. Red light blinking, low battery.

10. Re-charge laptop. Three hours have gone by? Oh damn.

11. Realize have an exam tomorrow. Who cares?

12. Mild panic attack makes me glance through book.

13. Aha! Laptop fully charged. BLOG more.

14. Repeat.

My parents think I am researching and studying. Bless them.

As mentioned earlier, I am learning to drive. Well, not hiding behind the garb of modesty, I drive reasonably well now!  Drove tonight. Bought the daily dose of ice-cream for everyone at home. Reversing the car puts my mind out of gear. I become bat blind. So much practice needed in that department. These night-time ice-creams foil all my plans of trying to become fitter. I am a lazy, internet addicted, sweet toothed girl. Yes, there is no hope for me.

Also, the blog needs another entry in the Opinions category. Writing for challenges is too much fun.

Tried the Insert More tag in this post. It is supposed to “reel the reader in”.

I hope i did.

Current song obsession is – Have faith in me by A Day To Remember.

Check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WMmCtkhWi0





Pretty sure this is how I looked today.

Image Credit: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-vbXCRAWBW68/T0wyW2wvcyI/AAAAAAAAAyA/ik3B0WgWmNM/s1600/crazy-blogger.jpg


9 thoughts on “Exam tomorrow, blog today.

  1. You’ve just explained about 60% of the entire population! ha… I remember back in the 80’s (when microwaves were being introduced into every home- yes, I’m being serious) and there was no internet- no “IM”- no Ipods, no Smart Phones- no graphics in games other than a slow “cube dot” drifting back and forth across the screen…they called it “Pong”. 🙂 I’m 44 now and let me tell you, it’s so bizarre to be in this teched-up world: my memories are from a distant time before all that, as if it was a different world altogether. (I was a hopeless stoner back then. I probably smoked 2 fatties per day…) These days, I relate completely to your addiction! Many of us are that way. it’s a brain thing- and the pleasure principle is being hyper-stimulated when we read comments, etc. It’s a literal drug because it causes endorphines and adrenaline to explode in our brain’s reward center. We think it just “makes us feel good” but really, it hits the addiction area HARD, just like a drug. When we try to go away from it, we can become emotionally depressed because our “good feeling” endorphines are suppressed. (I study this crap in school- it makes sense..heheh..)

    In short, I feel ya. 😉

    I hope you do well with your driving! No doubt, you’ll have your license soon and that’ll be extremely rewarding and liberating, no doubt. Much homework to do (2 chapters of Criminology to read and a drug report to complete) fun fun. :0)

    Have a good one! xo

    p.s. If you’ve never had Ben and Jerry’s “Chunky Monkey” – you really should. (It’s the BEST.)


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