Sense and Sensitivity.

To lose one and gain another?

To choose one and forfeit the other?

Oh Daily Prompt, you get them brain juices flowing.

Unlike the beauty I appear to be, i am a bespectacled geek with degenerative myopia. Wikipedia it please. For the five days of the week, I would want each sense to go ahead and bloom.

First I want vision. The ability to wake up in the morning and see the floor without frantically searching for my glasses; i want to experience this. Every morning, moving my hands around like a klutz, navigating blindly on my bed side table without breaking anything is a feat. I would like to wake up the way they do in movies.

Next I want to listen. The music, the birds, the chirping, everything. Maybe even distant hearing to eavesdrop on juicy gossip.( No wonder I don’t really have any super-powers.)

Not too much a of a fan of smelling, dog poop and garbage smells are not my favorite. Plus, I don’t see any flowers blooming anywhere near me. The sense of touch and taste don’t hold much appeal for me.


In a different sense, I would like to be less sensitive. Less emotional. I get affected by words and gestures too easily and have often repented this.

It’s easy to make me laugh, easier to make me cry.

It’s easy to make me feel loved and even easier for me to love.

A little less of this particular trait would make life so much better!

A little more sense, a little less sensitivity.

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