The tenth word.

The Daily Post Challenge

Book on my nightstand: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Removing the extras, the tenth word is SILENCE.







I hear it in a moment of complete joy,

i hear it when each beat of my heart speaks out.

I feel it in times of deep emotion,

when the world outside is still

and the worlds inside if filled with doubt.


Random snippet of poetry that sprang to my mind.

As a child, I read this Russian fable called “Where in the world is Silence?”. That story had a very important message, silence comes when you are quiet, when there is peace. Its not something to be scared of rather something that ought to be cherished. It is said that two people are comfortable with each other when the silence between them ain’t awkward. This is something i observe with anybody i feel close to. 

With my dad, we can drive a hundred kilometers in absolute silence. With my mother, hardly a minute. My brother and I are NEVER silent when together. He talks, i listen or pretend to listen. With my best friends, the silences are usually because we are breathless after laughing. With Akshay, the silences are beautiful. Actually, they are rare. But when they do happen, a feeling of calmness and romance envelops me and i drift off to Wonderland.

As someone who likes to remain alone, lost in a book or writing, having silence around me is an absolute must. Be it a night time walk or an early morning stroll, not talking to anyone, not even with myself, just being quiet. It feels immensely refreshing. It helps me re-boot my over-analyzing brain, soothes my heart, makes me smile and helps me remain sane.





28 thoughts on “The tenth word.

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      1. Done! Check out my posts and click follow!
        Please feel free to give feedback on any of my posts or pages – thank you! 🙂


  2. Very poetic thought of silence !! Maybe its the unnerving aspect of it when you are all alone, but I find silence very disturbing 🙂 Must have to do with being an overly social person! Good post. Keep it coming. And while at it, do glance through my blog too. Am a fledgling compared to you and hence any and all advices are welcome. :p


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