My first boyfriend.

Reading about this topic made me smile. My childhood has been the best part of my life. My parents treated me like their own cute plump princess. I mean the DIsney rendition of a princess,  not the modern day tantrum throwing version.

My first and most beloved toy is my teddy bear. I kid you not, he was my first boyfriend from the time i knew what one was.

You will find Mr.Teddy in most of my childhood photographs. Until a year ago, he was the first thing i would hug before sleeping, his were the first arms that i would find solace in for my wounded baby heart. He was everything to me. After our twenty year old relationship, unfortunately, Mr. Teddy tattered and withered away. Although i still have him safely wrapped in a bag. He will stay with me forever. I plan on getting him repaired and then maybe one day gift it to my daughter, should I be lucky enough to have one.

My emotional attachment with my first bear is akin to what i want in a life partner. Someone to snuggle with, someone gentle, someone who makes me feel comforted and someone I can love unconditionally. I want my love to last. I want it to be strong enough to make it through day after day of testing.

I want my partner to be my Mr.Teddy.

Hopefully in a more sexy way, if you know what i mean.

His arms should forever remain open for me, to snuggle, hold, cuddle or play with.

Bad phone camera, good photos with my toy! 🙂


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