Tiredness has seeped right in my bones. The frequency of an air conditioned DTC bus is akin to the appearance of the Haley’s comet. Keep standing in the sun, sweating profusely, waiting endlessly. When the bus you have been waiting for FINALLY does deign to appear, it is crowded with humidity from sweat not water.

Now that i know for sure that a job related to engineering is just not a part of my future, I find my college classes to have turned fifty shades duller. I want to buy a new laptop, improve my typing speed and write. A lot. Yesterday, as part of The Daily Post challenge i had posted an old poem of mine which happened to fit perfectly. These past two years, my writing has been concentrated only on love. Be it poems, letters or journal entries, all are testimonies to my feelings. I wish to change that. I pledge to begin writing poetry like i did.


I am off to sleep.

Another day battling the buses and the masses awaits me.

Good night!


3 thoughts on “Tiredness.

  1. Last year I wanted nothing more than to come to Rajasthan, and the year before. Alas, I’m too poor at the moment! I had studied the areas surrounding it, and found little places in the deserts that I wanted to visit- palaces also. (Like the one in Jaipur.) I’ve wanted to come to India for years! And you are there already. :0) Lucky you. (I bet you’re laughing at that one, right?) How long have you been in school and what is your major? Engineering? You seem like a really bright person- no doubt you do have what it takes to be one. I understand what you mean about wanting to change your writing style a bit. When I first started out in photography, most of my peers were taking flower pics…kids’ portraits…barns…sunsets….ugh. It was all “pretty” but it didn’t appeal to me at all. I moved in a darker area- shadows, black and whites- I tried to make simple inanimate objects come alive and “tell stories”- I added grain for texture. After some time, I became known for that kind of stuff. Maybe you should change it up completely. You know? Treat it like I did my photography. Find a simply subject- make it come alive- give it a voice. Like a nail. Or an empty box. To us, those things are dead- they have no voice. But perhaps when we’re not looking, they sing…shout… 🙂

    I hope I provoke you to write something different. :0)

    Keep plugging away at the schoolwork! I have no doubt you’re a great student.


    1. India is no doubt very beautiful. Considering the exchange rates at the moment, I am sure the trip wouldn’t be very expensive. 😀
      Engineering is a four year course, i am in my final year. Not been that good a student though. Just average.
      Your idea seems fun! Shall definitely give it a try. You are still studying even with so much else on your platter! That amount of enthusiasm is awe-inspiring. Do come to India!


      1. It’s around $3,000 round trip to India and back. (Sigh.) I want to go down the Ghanges at sunrise and feel the desert in my toes and hear the beautiful music and see all of the vivid colours. (not to mention the food..heheh..) I reeeeally want to go to India- more than any other place. Maybe some day, I will organize a fundraiser and stay in or near an orphanage and work with kids in the areas of photography and therapy, or what I like to call “Phototherapy”. We’ll see. 😉


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