Something old.


“I find myself to lose again
I feel certainly unsure of myself
I know my path but i walk directionless
flowing with the wind, fixedly aimless.

I follow no religion
I pray to the heavens though
I may seem cynical but i do believe
in the traces of humanity, present in you and me

I feel confident when i face the world
I have moments of self doubt left alone
I know my limits but i aim for the sky
its a world of opportunities for me to explore and try.

I flounder, make mistakes
i try to change, mostly i don’t
I’am stubborn but i do apologize
for my errors, i’am by no means wise.

I frequently fall in love
I trust only a few
I’am emotionally fragile but i’am strong
protecting my love,not accepting any wrong.

I’am free in my thoughts
I’am bound by my actions
I’am an intricate puzzle but easy to solve
the pieces are ever-changing, i constantly evolve.

I’am finishing only to begin again
I’am entering a new phase of life
I carry old memories only to create more
its just one life i have, cherish it, i will for sure.”


I had written this poem back in class twelfth, just before our farewell from school. I find myself connecting to it again. There is something about reading your old pieces. The nostalgia envelops you, giving a sense of warmth and comfort. Bringing with it the knowledge that worrying had not helped then, nor shall it now. 

My best friend Ardra is leaving town. She is going back to Odisha. I shall miss her terribly. That woman is my rock. My safe haven when i need someone to pour my feelings out to and know that i shall not be judged. Ever. We have been friends since class ninth. Like wine, our friendship has only bettered with age. 



This is us. Last January. She is the one on the right. I love her.

Before i ruin my keyboard with the tears that threaten to fall i shall change the topic.

I took my dad for a drive today. He was, to say the least, surprised. The pride coursing through my veins was heady.

*grins madly*

I have finally decided my topic for the first serious piece if writing. Now remains the task of actually writing it.

Off to eat a five star and then sleep.

Good night!

P.S. : The feedback and follows are loved and appreciated. Thank you all so very much!


5 thoughts on “Something old.

  1. Well I have tears in MY eyes too. I’m moved by your writing. :0) As Christians, we’re taught to have faith, be strong in our beliefs, know where we stand (etc.) but even so- I can totally relate to what you write, for you don’t write from a denomination or religion- but from a human perspective and from the heart. it’s very touching, and if we’re honest, we can all agree that we flounder and are fragile too. This is beautifully written.

    I hope you get to see your friend again soon. :0) I do not know either of you well, but it brings tears to my eyes because your bleeding heart is apparent in your words, and your love and closeness for each other here- obvious too.

    Thanks for sharing. (Wiping eye.)


    1. 🙂
      I am glad i could convey my emotions. I did try to keep them at bay though.
      It is heartening to know that something written three years ago by me is being liked by someone as well read as you.
      Thank you so much.

      And yes, my friends and i shall be meeting at the end of this year for a day or two. 🙂


      1. Well read? I’m supposed to be reading two chapter for a test- right now- but I’m playing hookie and hanging out in Bloggie-land..haha… (So burnt out in school!)

        And yes, it’s amazing to know that what we write, whether a story or poems (or even a blog posting), can be “old” to us, but always breathing new life into somebody else. For me, your poem is only 10 minutes old. :0) I love that it doesn’t always rhyme! For me, that shows depth more than “rhyming poems”. Back to the grind…

        (school work)

        Have a great day! xo


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