Being “positive”.

I woke up at 0730 hours. Birds chirping. Sun streaming in through my window. The coziness of the blanket felt through the fading haziness of sleep.

I was happy.


Got ready. Left for college.

The day began to worsen with each passing second.  My driving lesson went horribly wrong. The heat and sweat of Delhi were ensuring that i received a daytime bus stop sauna. To top it all, my brand new HTC One X went blank and black. The screen gave out. Zilch display. Nada.


And this is when i have cared and treasured for my phone like a mother cradles her new born. Never letting it out of sight, never letting it fall,


So, a positive start to the day does not necessarily mean an amazing time ahead. Enjoy the happiness as long as the world lets you.

Keep that smile on your face as long as your fixed jaw doesn’t start to hurt you.

Use your phone any which way because one day, out of nowhere it could stop functioning and fudge you.



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